Real Madrid vs Man Utd Preview UCL 2013

21 Jan 2013

Real Madrid vs Man Utd 2013 have had a few problems this season. There are rumors that appoint for collisions in Madrid’s squad. It turns out that Spanish players don’t like Mourinho’s preference for Portuguese players. Casillas had a fight with Silvino which made Cassilas eventually going to the bench. Xabi Alonso has already said in public that his relationship with Ronaldo is purely professional, there are footage of Casillas not celebrating Ronaldo’s goals, among other kinds of stuff. It is the first Mourinho is getting through a situation like this and he is starting to lose patience. There also many rumors of Mourinho’s talks with Alex Ferguson, as he is appointed to be Manchester United’s coach when Alex Ferguson retires.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United are much more balanced at the moment. They have one of the best squad managements in the world. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are the real proof of it. They are 38 and 39 years old, never played professional football for another club besides Manchester United, and yet they still play with quality at their age. They are dominating EPL and have a bench full of motivated players who can fill the gaps at any time (Kagawa, Valencia, Nani, Ashley Young, Chicharito, Wellbeck, Phil Jones).

Real Madrid vs Man Utd Live Stream 1st round will be played in Santiago Bernabeu, which is a disadvantage for Real Madrid. I believe Manchester United may come out of the 1st leg with a defeat, although I believe their mental focus and motivation will be higher than Real Madrid and they will turn things around in Old Trafford.




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