2013 Infrared Photography Trick

4 Feb 2013

Infrared photography is an interesting thing. It requires a lot of trial and error, a lot of guessing and praying, and finally when you do get it right in camera it still isnt full ready yet. So for all that trouble with infrared Trick photography, why is it so worth it? Simply putits the ooh factor. Infrared photos produce this otherworld, ethereal, and absorbing look that just draws the viewer in. From my experience unlike HDR, which can be polarizing, a well done infrared shot doesnt seem like a post processing trick but rather something both natural and more.

So what is infrared photography? Im not going to get much into the mumbo jumbo of science and stuff, but heres a quick review of something we learned back in our grade school days. Remember the electromagnetic spectrum? Its the range of frequency including radio, microwave, ultraviolet, xray, infrared, and what we see called visible light. Well the human eye sees visible light, and thats how we get our colors from red, blue, green, and more. To duplicate what we see with our eyes we made our cameras film and digital sensors capture that same light, because well what we see as yellow should be yellow right? Well the thing is machinery doesnt have the same limitations our eyes do, and it does in fact capture a visible image with the various other wave lengths on the spectrum. So this is where infrared photography comes in. Instead of capturing how visible light is reflected from a surface, infrared photography is based on how infrared waves are bounced off a surface. Since we cant see with our eyes how infrared is reflected, sometimes the results from infrared can be startling. What normally seems to be neutral can be radiant white, while something else the same color can become the darkest of blacks. Color of the item doesnt matter in infrared, its the materials ability to either absorb or reflect infrared. The more it reflects, the lighter the image. In essence infrared photography is what you see in front of you, but not exactly how you see it.the Trick Photography and Special effects is truly awesome.

This article is a quick introduction on what you need to know about infrared photography, how to start doing it, tips and tricks for more successful infrared photos, and lastly getting the most of your image with some post processing tricks.

Disclosure :
There is a great Trick photography rental company in Atlanta called Aperturent. Oscar, the owner of Aperturent, is a really awesome guy and a huge supporter of the Atlanta photography community. His company supplied the infrared modified Canon 40D used for this article. Infrared photography is best done with a fully modified camera, and it could be pretty expensive to get one modified (it requires not only a fee for the modification that starts at $250, but also a camera body itself). So if you are really interested in infrared photography, please consider renting Aperturents modified camera. You will get the same great results while spending hundreds to almost thousands less to get it.




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